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The Ultimate Football Performance Nutrition Handbook

$109.00 $12.99

Get the most comprehensive Football Nutrition Plan EVER at an insane price of only £12.99, for a limited time only!

Recover faster, get leaner, cover more distance & get stronger +  Eat like the pro’s!

With chapters featuring

    1. No More Fads: Football Fundamentals – Maximise your performance every plate, every meal. Learn to build your plate & understand what every food group will benefit your football
    2. Soccer Supplements – The Do’s, The Dont’s. We guide you to make good decisions and show you which supplements are evidence-based. Save your time and your money here!
    3. Training & Match Day Plans – We give you specific plans for training and match days. Learn precisely what and when to eat, to maximise your performance.
    4. Nutrition for Injury & Rehab – Are you currently going through a footballing injury. Nutrition can be an excellent tool to support your specific injury recovery. Learn everything to get you back on track here.
    5. Body Composition – Losing body fat? Gaining muscle.? There are some key considerations you need to understand. We guide you through it all, without the BS!
    6. Recipes – 15 Minute Mega Meals, Bangin’ breakfasts, Monsterous mains, Super Smoothies – LEARN TO EAT LIKE A CHAMPION!!!

Product Details

Are you sick of fatigue holding you back in your football? Do you want to get leaner, quicker and reduce your body fat?

Do you know that your nutrition and what you eat could be improved but not exactly sure what professional players do?

In the last 16 years we have shown thousands of footballers how to easily achieve the results they want without years of trial and error & we get excellent results, and now we can do the same for you too.

How do the top players do it? How do they fuel their games, maximise their recovery & ensure they can repeat their performances week after week.

Well good news, by studying football performance nutrition for over 16 years we now have a specific process and we have it all here for you!

In this e-book we unlock all the tools and techniques required to instantly impact your performance and take your game to the next level using the exact same advice as the top pros in the game.

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Delivery and Returns

This series is a digital product. On payment, you will instantly receive an email with a unique link to you. Within the link will be a PDF document that contains all the links needed to access all of the videos and resources within each episode, across the whole bundle.

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